Find Activist Groups Near You


We are currently looking to make contact with as many Australian MRAs as possible and to set up meetings in as many capital cities and regional centres as we can with an aim to advising and assisting any interested parties in setting up regional men’s rights activism groups. Eventually it is our hope to help setup groups in every capital city that will operate independently in their local area, and under the banner of the Men’s Rights Australia umbrella group, nationally. In this way we hope to get the best of both worlds, local groups that are plugged into their community and can respond to local issues, as well as the combined strength of a coalition of Australian groups that can respond as a single entity for broader national issues.

So, if you are located in Australia and interested in men’s rights, please contact us. Even if you have no desire to take part in activism yourself, please contact us anyway, just so we are aware that you are out there and we can let you know of any significant developments in your particular area.

Please be assured that all personal details will be kept strictly confidential.

Existing Men’s Rights Australia Member Groups

New South Wales

Men’s Rights Sydney


Men’s Rights Melbourne – Announced on 23/9/2014. Currently in setup.


No groups as yet.

South Australia

No groups as yet.


No groups as yet.

Western Australia

No groups as yet.

Northern Territory

No groups as yet.

Australian Capital Territory

No groups as yet.


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