Lies, damn lies & Statistics

“Lies, damn lies & Statistics” (1)

Original article from

“Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
Act No. 43/2006

17. Protection of families and children

(1)   Families are the fundamental group unit of society and are entitled to be protected by society and the State.“(2)

2008;   The Victorian Parliament admits to the people of Victoria, in law; that “anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of family violence”.(3)
2015;    Daniel Andrews, The Premier admits to the Royal Commission that “both men and women can be perpetrators or victims of family violence”.(4)

Yet all public services rigidly adhere to the “story” that men are violent criminal perpetrators, and women are victims. No family services have ever been provided for men and boys that recognise men and boys positively.

1. In 2004: Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon instructed all Victoria Police Officers, by policy, that “this story”, of men are perpetrators and women are victims, “reinforces for me the whole issue around family violence”.(5)
2.   In 2008 the Victorian parliament instructed the judiciary, at law, that “perpetrators” are defined as “men”, and “victims” are defined as “women, children and other vulnerable people”.(6)
3.   In 2008 Judge Jennifer Coate publicly addressed the Untied Nations Women’s Party political campaign, “White Ribbon” in Federation Square, Melbourne Australia.(7)
4.   On 9/10/2012 the Premier Ted Baillieu and the minister Mary Wooldridge extended the definition of “perpetrator” by “statistical” demographic to include “boys” (children) and “adolescents” (boys and girls).(8)

Since Public Judicial Endorsement of the White Ribbon Political Campaign, and the Family Violence Protection Act, in 2008;

5.   Suicides of children between 5yo and 17yo nearly doubled between 2009 and 2013.(10)
6.   1/4 of Australian children are now failing to complete secondary school.(11)
7.   The rates of boys participating at Universities has dropped to 40%, and falling.(12)
8.   Incidents of family violence are increasing.(13)

The United Nations Women’s Party and White Ribbon ‘in our government’ is not working out well for our families and children at all!

If, “anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of family violence”;

  • Why are protections and services not provided to “everyone”?
  • Why are “statistics” so important when all government institutions that collect, process and distribute “statistics”, define “victim” and “perpetrator” by gender?
  • Why does our government need the public to believe that men & boys are bad?
  • Why do our parliaments allow an unelected political party access and authority to politicise our public service and judiciary?

In Australia the only lawful way to gain political authority in government is by election to the parliament by “The People”.(15)(16)

  • Why is the United Nations Women’s Party and its “White Ribbon” campaign not required to stand for election to the parliament by “The People”?
  • Why has the United Nations Women’s Party and its “White Ribbon” campaign never put itself on a ballot paper in an Australian state or federal parliament election: so citizens are provided the opportunity to vote for the party that is provided, without recourse, ultimate government control of Victorian and Australian families?

The “White Ribbon” Campaign/party doesn’t claim to “protect” “families and children”(17), and it’s not elected; yet the Victorian State Government fund its policies in government to the tune of $100M per year(18);  To fund services and policies that systematically Destroy Families, Traumatize, and Exploit ‘for statistics’; Men, Women, and Children alike.(19)
It seems: “White Ribbon” is “the violence”.

If you are confused about what the “Men’s Rights Movement” is, this may be helpful:

In the 19th Century “1st Wave Feminism” emerged and fought for the right of women (and everyone else) to vote,
i.e. Universal Suffrage.

In the 21st Century the Men’s Rights Movement has emerged to fight for the right of everyone’s vote, already so hard fought for,
to matter(20);

Because that’s what Citizens do.



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